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" This is our third year at WisdomWorks Preschool and I only have the highest praise for the staff at this school. I am in constant awe of how much my son is learning and how his wisdom, knowledge and curiosity about the Bible is ever increasing! His heartfelt prayers at the dinner table are so touching! I have also seen my boys grow by leaps and bounds in their academics as well. Brain Power Hour is awesome! The kids LOVE it!!!! I see the most creative experiments and play times when I come to pick my son up. This school has been a huge blessing to our family, and I know you will be blessed by this school and their AMAZING staff also :) JD

WisdomWorks preschool is one of a kind! This is such a good preschool, the environment is so pleasant and peaceful :-) I just love it, so does my 4 year-old daughter! When my daughter first started preschool she was insecure and afraid, she had a vision problem that we weren't aware of. Along with that, she had some delays on her motor skills. The teachers at WisdomWorks really care about their students and they LOVE each one of them :-) It was through WisdomWorks that we found out about my daughter's vision problem and delays, we addressed the problems and with the help of her teachers and the director, we saw so much progress on my daughter's social skills as well as her motor skills. She is a happy little girl, confident and not afraid of trying "new things"! She has accomplished just about everything a 4 year-old should do. I am amazed to see all the improvement my daughter has. I thank God so much for WisdomWorks preschool and their staff. > > MD > >

Our family loves WisdomWorks Christian Preschool! We love it so much we want them to extend to a K-6 school so our kids could stay even longer! Holly is an exceptional director and her friendly, welcoming, and creative personality set the tone for this special place. Everyone knows your child (and you) by name and always stop to chat and see how you are doing. The community of parents is wonderful too. Everyone is so friendly! Our kiddo is sometimes afraid to be away from us and go to school. The teachers have always been so encouraging to him and find creative ways to help him overcome insecurities. Now he wants to go an extra day to preschool instead of being afraid! As a teacher myself, I love how the school is structured for just the right mix of creative learning, play and socialization. Even our older child loves to come back and visit his former teachers and Miss Holly. What a wonderful way to prepare your child to love school! KT

I have had my children at WisdomWorks for 3 years. I would keep them with Ms. Holly and her team of awesome ladies until graduation of High School, if I could!... It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. And isn't that the truth?! Well, it is an honor and a blessing to have the staff of WisdomWorks be part of that village for our family. The staff are all amazing examples of God's love. They not only speak of the Lord's love and the truth of the Bible. But they are living examples of it. BB

We are greeted with a smile every morning, which is perfect for my very shy three-year-old. Just this week we arrived late for drop-off, interrupting "circle time", and not only did the teacher warmly welcome her into the classroom, but so did several students! They called to my daughter, by name, and she smiled the biggest smile because this is her second family, and the first time that she has had real friends all of her own doing. I also know that she is receiving the "God" part of Wisdom Works, as she loves to sing songs and talk about how much God loves her, throughout the week. This is my daughter's "home away from home", and it's worth every penny to know that she is in a loving. learning environment! Thanks to all the teachers and staff!! RB

"The Holy Spirit speaks to and through your children. We were in Walmart the other day and Evan says, "Mommy! I want to tell you my verse!" I told him I wanted to hear it and he recited almost all of Psalm 23, word for word. He is 5 years old. > When he started, the cashier was rolling her eyes and acting like she was annoyed, but by the end she couldn't believe what she had heard. > Evan hasn't been able to say his verse since. He tries, but can't remember all of it. God had a purpose in Evan's verse and I pray that He will get a hold of that woman's heart and never let her forget the Word of God she heard that day. --with WisdomWorks Christian Preschool" SJ

My family owes a huge debt of gratitude to Holly and Paula.

Both of my sons have special needs. Being a teacher for over 15 years before knowing either of these wonderful ladies, I thought that I knew a lot about special needs. My sons are 2.5 years apart in age, but both are unique as only God could have designed. When they first started preschool, Holly quickly noted that they each had some special gifts as well as special needs. She suggested that I get them tested. Being new to the San Diego area when my older son first started preschool, I was at a great loss of where to get started. Holly, however, was a huge help and went to bat for me in order to get each of them all of the testing that they needed.

Paula was the teacher for each of my boys during their

second year in preschool. Paula and Holly worked side by side with each of their special needs and daily (yes, daily) prayerfully considered what each of them needed in order to best prepare them for elementary school as God intended.

Being equipped with all of the knowledge that I gained from

the testing that was done while they were in preschool along with all of the Godly education and care that they received from Holly and Paula, the transition to elementary school was so much smoother than it would have been without it. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord led me to Holly and Paula.

My boys are now in 6th and 8th grade

and, although they still have their struggles, I know that they had the BEST educational foundation that they could possibly have had under the care of Holly and Paula.

God has equipped these two amazing ladies not only with a passion for teaching young children, but in such a way that His love and wisdom speaks volumes through them. Anyone who is considering where to send their children to an excellent God-centered and brain-based learning Christian preschool in San Diego County needs to look no further than Wisdomworks Christian Preschool. LR